Man Or Goat - Now Includes Angry Shepherd

September 10th 2015 - Manchester, UK - Newtquest Games has announced the release of the latest update to its free iOS game Man Or Goat, just in time for their appearance at the EGX gaming event on September 24-27th 2015.

In Man Or Goat you see goofy cartoon images of goats and hear a goat-like sound. The player must deduce, as quickly as possible, whether the sound they’re hearing is a real goat, or a reasonable facsimile generated by a guy sitting in his car.

Yes that's right. The developer actually sat in his car making hundreds of goat noises as well as recording real goats across the country.

The more quickly the player can correctly determine if a sound is a man or a goat, the better the score. As the game progresses, the more challenging this becomes as the minimum score to unlock the next set of levels ramps up.

One of the most memorable game modes is called “Poo Bucket” where the player swipes a wooden bucket around the screen to catch flying goat droppings.

New Game Mode - Beat The Shepherd

The latest update to Man Or Goat adds a new game mode called Beat The Shepherd.

The player is challenged by an angry shepherd to complete increasingly difficult missions within a 24 hour time limit. Alongside insults, the shepherd occasionally offers the player some encouragement, but don't hold your breath.

Beat The Shepherd is unlocked for free early in the game. The shepherd you see in the game is actually Gareth the developer wearing a shepherd costume and wig while his wife was out.

Press info : Press kit with screenshots and video available at : Or Goat.

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Two Beat The Shepherd screenshots below :